Since 2013 Pacific Current Partners has been acquiring and operating mobile home and RV park communities, going from 138 sites in 2013 to 1811 sites in 2019, and still growing faster than ever.

We have worked with 9 different brokers to close 22 acquisitions over the those five years, often paying a commission out of our own pocket as Buyer at closing. We have also sold two parks, for more than $30mm, and when we list a park for sale we always use the same broker who helped us to acquire it. We attend all major industry events and are always ready to form relationships with other mobile home park aficionados.

We are interested in individual properties as well as multi-property portfolios. We have mobile home parks as well as RV parks in our portfolio, all-age as well as retirement communities, properties with public as well as private utilities. We own properties all over the United States, in metropolitan areas with strong demographics, but also in rural areas in or near tourism driven economies. In short: we will quickly underwrite and provide feedback on any attractive mobile home park or RV park acquisition opportunity. That said, we do roughly follow a few guidelines in our acquisition efforts: shortage of affordable housing in local market, more than 50 sites, more than $400,000 in gross income, market rents higher than $400.

Please contact Spencer Engler-Coldren at

(949) 874-8449